Valley Country Store & Fuel
Wasilla, Alaska

Valley Country Store

Valley Country Store #1 located on the corner of Bogard and Seldon road
4891 E Stoney Hollow Drive. 907.376.7888

This store has become a landmark as it has been standing for over 20 years. It has transformed over the years as a small convenience store and gas station into a one-stop shop for a variety of needs. Open 24 hours a day, this bright and cheerful store offers high quality gas, diesel, and propane at competitive prices. You’ll also find snacks, hot prepared foods, including a daily soup, excellent coffee and espresso, tobacco products, groceries, firewood, sandbags, and movie rentals. Many people swing in before and after work to grab a few groceries, a snack for the road, or a wine and a movie for the evening.

Valley Country Store #2   located on the corner of Church Road and Seldon Road
3065 N Church Road. 907.376.7151.

  Seeing a need for a small country store on Church Road, the Gittlein family built this store and opened in November 2008. Since then, the small store has really showed its ability to serve the community around it, always offering service with a smile. This location is also open 24-7, where you will find on the go snacks (including healthy choices like fresh fruit, cheese, and yogurt), grocery supplies, propane, gas, diesel, a hot foods section, tobacco products, premium coffee and espresso, sandbags, and firewood. In addition to these things, this location offers unique products such as quality hay, heating fuel, showers and Laundromat. Located next door is Abby's Homecooking, which has something for everyone in the family.                                  

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